Special Projects: Flexible Overhead Power Distribution

Repair & Service for Busway Systems

special projectsE3’s busway specialists are trained and equipped to maintain systems and provide skilled repair for conductors, housing, and insulation. Count on our team to develop tailored service schedules that meet challenging project requirements while minimizing employee, customer, and tenant disruption.

Busway solutions offer cost-effective power delivery over cable and conduit in high-rises and commercial environments. Other advantages of busway installations include:

  • Low, medium & heavy-duty voltage options
  • Improved reliability compared to power cables
  • Space-saving compact & modular designs
  • Flexible configuration options
  • UL® safety certification

While E3 specializes in high-rise busway service, our electrical professionals also provide repairs and service for data centers, manufacturing facilities, apartment towers, and industrial buildings. Busway expertise includes realignment and support for shifting or poorly installed systems, as well as cost-effective maintenance that reduces emergency repairs.

Busway Repair & Maintenance

Qualified to service feeder and plug-in equipment, E3 electricians inspect all components, clear housing of debris, and check for moisture intrusion. When your high-rise or facility requires on-demand power without costly downtime, E3 supplies routine and emergency service. Tap into our expertise and discover what decades of busway experience can do for you: 713.622.1222.